Our calendar focuses on 4 criteria to allow elderly to get through the day without a hitch

Organised info through visual day planner

Through the daily calendar and visual activities, people with dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease will get information condensed for their needs.

› Deals with memory problems

Communication is caring

The elderly can initiate the call or receive them by just couple of taps. Sharing your day and support the people you care is just few taps away.

› Deals with social contact decline

Design for fading vision

People see differently growing old. They experience reduction in contrast perception ability and the colors are not so bright any more. Hooli screens are designed with and for people who need simple and highlighted info.

› Deals with vision deterioration

Individual approach

Everyone is different and so is Hooli customisable to meet exactly the specific elderly need. The screens can be managed from the distance and show detailed day schedule, a call option or just time and next important activity.

› Deals with individual needs

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